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نسخهٔ ‏۶ ژوئیهٔ ۲۰۰۸، ساعت ۰۲:۱۸

My philosophy

Everyone in the world has different views. They view the world form their philosophies. Some people believe that there is no other world than this real world, although some others believe there is another world. All of people think that all these are vain. As you see that there are a lot of philosophies in the world and every individual see the world form their point of views. Philosophy is like an embedded device that controls whole life. As a result people try to adjust to their behaviors according to their philosophies. Like other people, I have my own philosophy. My philosophy is based on experience and it has two aspects: getting experience and sharing experience. I believe that from the beginning up to the end of life a person is experiencing the world. Embryo in womb is experiencing an unknown world. It tries to understand what goes on in its small world. As he is shaking his hands, he tries to discover this new world. By means of moving and shaking, he is getting new experiences about the world around himself. A baby can not walk as well as move his body. This little creature has some tools that help him to get experience and know the world. One of these tools is his mouth. He puts all things that he can have in his hands in his mouth. As you can see person in different stages always gets experience and knowledge from the world. So we have or will have different experiences like: being a child, a youth, a middle age, a teacher, a father or mother etc. In a society as we take a role we get another experience. Consequently, we can say that every minuet is an opportunity to get a new experience. I strongly believe that this world is a step for experiencing and when we die we will have another opportunity to have some other experiences like: heaven, hell, angels etc. Sharing experience is another aspect of this philosophy. As mentioned before, everyone has some experiences. For example, a teacher has some knowledge how to control a group of students and transfer some knowledge to them. A manager knows how to control an institution. You can imagine some other people that have some valuable experiences but how they get them? Answer is very simple and predictable. They get this knowledge from others or they themselves reach to it. As a human being we don’t have a lot of time to examine everything in order to get experience. So we ask others to share what they know about a particular subject. Sometime person feels that he must share their knowledge, so he tries to write a book or publish an article, for example. Suppose no one is willing to share his experience, what would be the life? There is no accomplishment and achievement for human. All should try to examine everything. It wouldn’t be any human society. As a result, basis of social life is being together in order to share experience and have a better life. For conclusion, I should say that life is equal experience. All should have some experiences and share them. All what we passed or will pass is part of our experience like: birth and death.